Erection Loss Why Is It Hard to Become Hard

Why men experience erection loss and how can this problem be solved

Loss of Erection

Impotence is described as a condition where the man is unable to get sexually stimulated or to produce an erection. On the other hand, erectile dysfunction occurs when a man is able to get sexually excited but is unable to maintain his erection for a period enough to ejaculate or to experience sexual satisfaction.

Very often men with actual erectile dysfunction develop a fear of losing erections. This causes increased anxiety and makes the problem even bigger.

Male Erectile Dysfunction

Common Causes of Erection Loss

Loss of erection may be caused by various reasons. They may include:

  • Venus leakage this is a leakage of blood flow. Erection depends on the flow of blue and in cases of leakage loss of erection can occur.
  • Tiredness and fatigue other common reasons for weak erections. We all know that we feel lethargic and incapable to do things when we are tired. So it not surprise exhaustion may cause erection loss.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption alcohol and drug abuse deteriorate normal body functions, including the male ability to obtain or maintain an erection.
  • Business and family problems such issues cause a great deal of stress and anxiety which are responsible for reduced sexual performance and weak erections.
  • Low self-esteem and relationship problems if a man has a low opinion about himself or there are certain problems with the partner, this can affect his sexual performance and can lead to loss of erection. The best solution of this problem is a normal discussion between the partners as well as strong emotional connection.

No matter what the reason is, it should be identified and addresses properly in order to find an appropriate solution of this serious problem.

As Things Become Hard

Men will notice that they become happier when stress is reduced. Their sexual lives will also improve. It is good if a man suffering from erectile dysfunction examines other issues, such as anxiety, frustration, lack of communication or resentment, because these factors may affect his sexual performance and cause loss of erection.

It is absolutely normal for a man to experience an occasional loss of erection. Actually, no man can boast with perfect erection all the time. Men should know that if they are tired, their penises are tired, too. If such an episode of erection loss occurs, the man should not take it too seriously and worry too much about it.

Communication with his partner is essential in such cases; the partner should be able to understand the situation and support the man in order to overcome the problem together.

Men who often experience loss of erection should seek medical help and consultation. In most cases sexual therapy is beneficial. A consultation with a sex therapist may help both the man and his partner to understand sexual dysfunction and its causes. Such a consultation will also determine if the loss of erection is caused by psychological or physical problems. Then, a suitable treatment should be undertaken.

Impotence in MenAlso men who suffer from impotent can obtain hard and strong erection or get sexually aroused. On the other hand, men who suffer erectile disfunction can get sexually aroused and can obtain an erection, but they cannot keep it as long as it is needed for a normal act or ejaculation. It is not a secret for most of us that all men fear of erection loss during the act and this problem has become a huge niche in men's health market nowadays.

There could be a lot of known and unknown reasons for loss of erection. The main reasons can be divided into tow groups. Physiological and Psychological.

Venus leakage is a physiological reason. It occurs when there is a blood flow leakage from the penis.

Another really serious reasons include fatigue and tiredness which cause many problems during sexual activity. Excessive eating and drinking can also been pointed as a potential cause of man's ED. These processes are also against our health, not only with the sexual activities. Man's sexual feelings can be influenced with the anxieties, whether they are money or job, that keep him stressed.

The relationship problems between couples come when low self esteem affects sexual performance and becomes serious issue. In most case sexual performance will be dampened if the partners can not talk or even discuss things around their sex activities. To succeed in this and get back their normal sex life, they should first establish and maintain the emotional connection between.

When Everything Looks So Hard

The erection is a sign of healthy life!

If you are a happy person and stress free, if you feel better and better everyday, the better your sex life will be.

A male in his natural is interested in getting a little bit more familiar with the problems related to erectile dysfunction. Because it could be also possible to suffer from: inadequate foreplay, resentment, anxiety, or the frustration of poor communicative skills.

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