How To Increase Male Ejaculation and Male Potency?

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Male PotencyHumans have always been catched up on the power and beauty of the male organ. It is a symbol of man power, dominance, strength and success and it has appeared in almost all cultures in the world. The attention dedicated to penis length, lasting power and erection capability are an addon to the most important: the orgasm - the real aim of all men is actually to have more potent and bigger climaxes.

Overview of ejaculation

How male climax works:

During sexual stimulation semen is collected in the ejac depoths. The top of sex pleasure is the male orgasm. It happens when the different muscle groups interact each other. There are periodical contractions of the muscles of the rectum, anal sphincterand perineum, and ejaculatory ducts around the male organ. Those muscles that periodically contracts, deliver the seme load. The intervals between the contractions is about 0.7-second. During the orgasm, the contractions occur at smaller intervals.

Many factors, like heredity, overall health, diet, age and the sexual activity frequency determine the exact amount of ejaculate. For all men the content is the same: the ejac consist together with semen and a other components like: ascorbic acid, cholesterol, choline, calcium, chlorine, citric acid, hyaluronidase, creatine, inositol, fructose, glutathione, lactic acid, nitrogen purine, magnesium, pyrimidine, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, pyruvic acid, vitamin B12, sorbitol, and zinc. The total amount of a normal "load" is approximately upto 5 ml and the ejaculate is a fluid.

The semen taste is affected by physical health and diet varies from a man to man. It varies from sweet to salty, may be mellow or bitter. It can change deliberately.

The color of healthy ejaculate appears either translucently grayish or whitish to white. Men with a vasectomy have lighter, translucent sperm. Although there are many appearances and textures within a range, the majority of the men equate white.

What influence on ejaculation volume?

Do you have to concern about your potency and sperm volume? An fast decrease in volume indicates blocking of ejaculatory ducts. Prostrate ultrasound diagnoses duct obstruction. Another reason of decreasing volume can be a serious prostate infection or retrograde ejaculation. Or it can be just an aging process, not decreased fertility.

If the amount, texture and appearance of the sperm is suspicious , then maybe you should try sperm test by a doctor. The sperm test measures semen pH and volume as well as other tests.

Sometimes even if tests show that everything is normal, men can still be disappointed with the orgasms the feel, their fertility , the appearance and volume of their sperm.

Semenax increases the amount of semen by up to 500 percent. It improves motility of sperm, quality of sperm, sperm and semen production and overall sperm count.

Benefits of improving sperm volume

Which are the benefits of orgasm with greater power and volume? The sperm load is more impressive, more bigger and pleasurable and more potent.

The bigger the volume, the stronger the orgasm. It determines more contractions which are stronger and intensive and the orgasm can be an extremely strong and long lasting.

Semenax will help those men who wants to impregnate their partner.

The are a lot more benefits to men who has increased their sexual power and ejaculate volume.

How Semenax work

There are various products to increase volume and they are different in formulation, manufacture methods and cost. Semenax Cum Pills are probably the best choice on the market.

A professional health research team has developed Semenax in order to improve sexual potency and orgasm for men. They have focused on sperm enhancement, because it has many benefits. Semenax product contains natural ingredients and the botanicals to support and tonify the ejac ducts, testes, epididymis, seminal vesicles prostate gland and many others.

Semenax's ingredients are HCL, L-arginine, L-lysine and L-carnitine to increase sperm count and testosterone and motility; catuaba bark, epimedium sagittatum and maca to enhance potency and libido; and herbal for prostate and testosterone synthesis health. It is produced in a cGMP Certified Pharmaceutical laboratory, something very important when you shop volume boosting products because they should be tested, researched and the dosing should be laboratory-controlled.

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