How Do Ejaculation and Penis Enhancers Work

Increasing cum is possible thanks to the modern herbal medicine.

Women cummingLet's see how male climax works to understand the important role of an abundant, healthy volume of sperm in your sexual pleasure.

Men get orgasm at the end of sexual act, where the sexual pleasure peak comes, this is when the muscle groups around the penis contract: repeated contractions of the penis muscle, rectum and perineum ,the anus sphincter and the ejac ducts. If the volume of fluid and sperm is larger for the orgasm, the more contractions are needed to shoot all of it, these contractions are stronger and more intense in the beginning in 0.9-second intervals, but at the middle and at the end they are less frequent. The load of semen is delivered because of the contractions of the muscles.

There are several products created to increase sperm volume. Most of them are produced to increase the load of semen. There is only one which combines this plus many other benefits to the penis and men reproductive system climaxing with more semen.

Good supplement enhances the functions of all parts of the male reproductive system:

  • SemenaxEjaculatory Ducts:
    This is where the semen passes during ejaculation.
  • Testicles, Testes :
    They produce semen and testosterone. In each testis there is a kilo of ducts named seminiferous tubules which produces sperm.
  • Epididymis:
    This is where sperm produced by the seminiferous tubules mature waits until ejaculation.
  • Seminal Vesicles:
    They produce semen, which protects and activates the sperm after it leaves the penis during ejaculation.
  • Prostate Gland:
    It is a gland that prevents the semen from mixing urine which can disturb the pH balance and produces fluid to make up the semen.

"Volume" tablets and capsules increase semen and sperm production for a lot of men it's vital to increase both sperm quality and volume of fluid. Your cum load shell be more impressive, bigger, more potent with Semenax. It contains amino acids and herbal concentrates from India, China, South America and Europe which increase sperm and semen production and stimulate sexual activity . Here is the list what it includes:

    It improves semen, fertility and sperm volume, even for those men with slow motility or low sperm counts
    It is botanical which boosts testosterone levels and libido for bigger sperm production.
    It is amino acids and zinc which stimulate testosterone production, increase sperm produced, and improves sperm quality.
  • ZINC OXIDEv It increases sperm motility and number of sperm by 80% to 200%, because it aids testosterone synthesis.
    It is a Brazilian herb that nourishes male reproductive system and strengthens the libido.
    It is in high concentrations in normal healthy sperm so there is no doubt that it increases the motility of sperm highly.
    It supports hormonal production and prostate health.

MACA is South American plant which promotes potency, libido and gives extra energy.

All good herbal products are produced in approved pharmaceutical laboratory, and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Make sure that you have chosen a honest company which keeps its guarantees. We recommend Semenax as such and by our opinion it is the best product in this category.

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